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Purpose for creating Diamond Demand website is to bring the Diamond Traders Community close to each other on a common platform where any Buyer or Seller can put up their Demand with Demand Details specified on the website along with their contact information on this Website. Generally this community depends on Agents or Brokers to find the suitable Buyer or Seller to meet requirements of the Demand but with this Web Portal, the distance between Buyer and Seller has been decreased keeping World Wide Community of Diamond Business in mind.

Our Aim with this Website Portal is to give direct access to Buyers and Sellers to each other so that the Business can happen directly between them and at a click of a Button.

Note: Demand Records in the website will stay active till Six Months after a user puts up the same. Post Six Months, Administrator of the website will not be responsible for that Demand Record and that Demand will be Deleted.

Diamond Demand Web Portal : Benefits
Best Choices Greater Satisfaction Global Access
Reasonable Prices Convenient Platform Right Prices
Optimum Prices for Seller Hassle-Free Transaction Multiple Choices
World-Wide Access Easy Marketing Faster Turnover
Time Saver Best Deals Profitable Pricing
Product Awareness Networking for Deals Self-Dependence

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