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How It Works
Step I :
Visit ; Home page displays the latest demands being submitted by the Buyers and Log In Screen.
Step II :
Click on New Registration and fill up the Registration form with your details. Once you submit this form, email will be generated to you with your username and password.
Step III :
Buyer Menu : upon signing in with your username and password, you can see various menus such as Update Profile, Add Demand, Edit Demand, Search Demand, Change Password and Logout
Step IV :
Update Profile : Information given by you in Registration can be updated here.
Step V :
Add Demand : Here Buyer can submit various fields to Add His Demand and put up to other Buyers of Diamond Demand Network. Some of the fields are compulsory and after filling up all the details, Buyer has to submit the demand. If the demand is Urgent in nature then Buyer can click the Urgent Button so that it will be displayed with Urgent Tag.
Step VI :
Edit Demand : Here Buyer can Edit the Demand Submitted by him.
Step VII :
Search Demand : In Search Demand, Buyer can make a complete search on demands or can select various search options of Demand Parameters and search the demands put up by other Buyers, Search results will be accordingly displayed along with the Buyer details who has put up the demand and with Urgent Tab if the demand is of Urgent Nature.

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